Management Services Officer

Class Specifications - F.30
Management Services Officer IV (MSP 0743) SIZE-NEUTRAL
Management Services Officer III - Supervisor(7515)
Management Services Officer III (7510) SIZE-NEUTRAL
Management Services Officer III - Supervisor(7515)
Management Services Officer II (7511) SIZE-NEUTRAL
Management Services Officer I - Supervisor(7513)
Management Services Officer I (7512) SIZE-NEUTRAL
April, 1975 -- SIZE-NEUTRAL MARCH 1995

The Campus Management Services Program is designed to recognize positions 
that are essential to the management of campus programs and activities. 
Persons appointed to positions in the Campus Management Services Program 
must have knowledge and experience in the principles, practices and trends 
of management. 
The Campus Management Services Program includes two types of positions:
Administrative Support Managers; and (2) Unit Heads.
Administrative Support Managers provide management support to 
        Deans, Directors, Department Chairman and Administrative 
        Officers.  They are responsible for long range planning, 
        coordinating, organizing, staffing and supervising in the areas 
        of budget, contract and grant administration, academic personnel     
        administration, staff personnel administration, purchasing, 
        expenditure control, space utilization, building and equipment 
        security and maintenance and other services which support a 
        teaching, research, clinical or administrative function of the 
Unit Heads are responsible for the program as well as the management 
        of a unit.
Administrative Support Managers and Unit Heads independently exercise 
        discretionary powers to solve managerial and/or program problems and 
        are responsible for directing the work of others, hiring or releasing 
        employees or recommending such actions, training, defining positions 
        and determining methods, techniques, systems and materials required.
Positions are excluded from the Campus Management Services Program 
        when their compensation is based primarily on specialized professional 
        rather than on managerial skills. 
Positions which are responsible for the resolution of problems 
        having a short-range or limited impact on the goals of the 
        department are not included in this program.
The Campus Management Services Program consists of four levels. 
The titles for the respective levels are summarized as follows:
Level I        - Management Services Officer I
Level II       - Management Services Officer II
Level III      - Management Services Officer III
Level IV       - Management Services Officer IV
Contact the Compensation/Classification Unit within Campus Human 
Resources for assistance in the size-neutral application of the 
MSO Classification Factors as outlined in the UCI Campus 
Supplemental Guidelines.
Incumbents at each of the MSO levels must either meet all the 
criteria for FLSA Administrative Exemption or must supervise a 
minimum of 2 FTE and meet all other criteria for FLSA Executive 
The MSO Classification Evaluation Questionnaire shall be completed 
and submitted to the designated reviewer in conjunction with all 
requests for classification review within the MSO series.
Contact Human Resources to obtain a copy of the questionnaire.