Linguistic Interpreter

UCI Series Concepts

Class Specifications - B.15
Senior Linguistic Interpreter (6652)
Linguistic Interpreter (6653)

May, 1976


Linguistic Interpreters use a native knowledge of a language in speaking 
words, phrases, and sentences to provide models for the teaching or study of 
linguistics or languages; and perform other related duties as required.


Senior Linguistic Interpreter

Under general supervision, incumbents perform the duties described in the 
Class Concept for Linguistic Interpreter and, in addition, assist in the 
analysis, interpretation and explanation of grammar or pronunciation. Senior 
Linguistic Informants may assist students in the classroom study of 
pronunciation of grammar, and may recite and explain the folk literature of 
a language under study, particularly obscure or difficult cultural references.

Senior Linguistic Interpreter positions are distinguished from Linguistic 
Interpreter positions in that incumbents are required to provide analytical, 
interpretive, or explanatory information relating to the spoken examples 
they furnish.

Linguistic Interpreter

Under supervision, Linguistic Interpreters use a native language to give 
Spoken examples and to drill students; record on tapes for use in a language 
laboratory; give speech examples to establish vocabulary and/or grammar for 
an unwritten language; and provide spoken examples to students making 
linguistic studies of the language. Incumbents have an expert knowledge of 
the native language that is put to use in the areas of phonetics, semantics, 
or pronunciation.


Knowledge of English and native knowledge of the required foreign language; 
and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the 
duties assigned to the position.