Equipment Operator 

UCI Series Concepts

Class Specifications - G.65
Equipment Operator - 8563

December, 1976



Under supervision Equipment Operators operate heavy equipment in 
maintenance and moving activities and perform other related duties as 
required.  Typically incumbents operate bulldozers, caterpillar-tread 
tractors, boom-trucks and related earth-moving equipment; clear and 
level ground; transport, hoist load and unload earth, equipment or 
supplies; and level roadways and paths.  Incumbents may service and make 
minor repairs in the maintenance of equipment.

The class of Equipment Operator is distinguished from the classes of 
Automotive Equipment Operator and Grounds Equipment Operator by the 
heavier and specialized equipment operated.


Ability to read, write, and follow oral and written instructions; two 
years of experience in the operation of heavy equipment; a valid 
California Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's License; and knowledges 
and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties 
assigned to the position.