Patient Escort

UCI Series Concepts

Class Specifications - H.10
Senior Patient Escort - 8911
Patient Escort - 8912

April, 1973



Patient Escorts transport conscious, semi-conscious and/or unconscious 
patients to and from floors and treatment areas in a campus hospital 
and/or clinic facility; and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents typically transport patients in guerneys and/or wheelchairs; 
pick up and deliver routine and/or emergency reports, specimens, and 
patient care equipment; may maintain and repair charge plate imprinters; 
may determine priorities of requests for service; and may transport 
critically ill comatose or semi-comatose patients under the direct 
supervision of medical or nursing staff personnel.

Classes in the Patient Escort series are distinguished from classes in 
the Hospital Assistant series in that incumbents are primarily involved 
in the transportation of patients.  They are distinguished from the 
Messenger class in that incumbents are typically concerned with the 
movement of patients in a hospital or clinic setting.

The series consists of two levels.  Patient Escort is the operational 
entry level; and Senior Patient Escort is the lead operational level.

                         CLASS CONCEPTS

Senior Patient Escort

Under supervision incumbents perform the more difficult patient escort 
duties typically involving critically ill patients, in addition to the 
duties outlined in the Series Concept; orient Patient Escorts in the 
location of various wards, clinics and stations; train Patient Escorts 
in correct patient-handling techniques; instruct Patient Escorts on 
correct procedures for responding to and making calls to the central 
dispatching unit; may make recommendations an the determination of 
priorities for patient escort services, and on the solution to problems 
involving service complaints; and may assist in evaluating the 
performance of Patient Escorts.

Patient Escort

Under supervision incumbents perform operational level patient escort 
duties as outlined in the Series Concept.

                      MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS

Senior Patient Escort

Ability to read, write, perform basic arithmetic calculations, follow 
oral and written instructions, and one year of experience in the 
performance of patient escort duties.  

Patient Escort 

Ability to read, write and follow oral and verbal instructions.