Randy Styner


Performed by Randy Styner
Director of Emergency Management
UCI Division of Finance and Administration

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UCI Engagement: What do you think triggered your passion for music? Was there a defining moment?

RS: I remember when I was 3 or 4 my mom bought me a copy of the Beatles Yellow Submarine, because they had a bit on Sesame Street that used the Muppets singing that song, which I dug, and I would walk around the house all day signing it. I played that album on our Victrola Hi-Fi relentlessly and that began my love of the Beatles, and eventually other music - particularly Rock and Roll. A few years later I ordered a bunch of 8-tracks from Columbia Records (when that was a thing), and that hooked me into bands like Foreigner, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, the Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd (to name only a few..), and my musical knowledge and passion just expanded from there. I’d say my defining moment happened around age 12 when I began to take piano lessons. It was around 4 years after my mom was killed in an airplane crash. I quickly found the music that I made with that piano was the first time I felt a sense of peace from the pain of her death, and suddenly I wasn’t so alone anymore. Even now I feel like my mom is with me when I play.

Randy Styner

UCI Engagement: What instruments do you play?

RS: I primarily play piano, guitar, and harmonica, and also sometime percussions like maracas and tambourine. I used to play trumpet too, but never got too good at it. I love to play rock and roll, but also country, blues, jazz…you name it! All music is good music. I don’t generally classify music into genres, but listen to a piece of music and say “that’s awesome!” If it moves me, and it’s not too hard, I’ll usually try to play it.

UCI Engagement: When did you figure out you could sing?

RS: The first time I really started singing was in Boys Glee class in Jr. High. In High School I was selected to be in the freshman swing choir, where I did a few solo bits for the first time. That was what got me used to being on stage. I’ve never thought I had a really good voice…but neither does Dylan. And I am pretty good at remembering lyrics!

UCI Engagement: Are you a member of a band?

RS: I am the lead singer, harmonica player, and rhythm guitarist for All Night Meat Bingo.

UCI Engagement: Do you perform live? If so, what venues, and do you have any upcoming gigs we can share?

RS: Before COVID we’d occasionally play at some of the bars in and around Orange County. Our big gig was the annual Relay for Life walk for cancer in Mission Viejo, which we have played the last 10 years. This year it was virtual so I had to do it solo (that pic is from a song I played for that gig performed in my garage..!), but it is one I will always play so long as they let me. Once we are able to all get together again to socialize and have a good time, you can count on ANMB being there to provide the soundtrack! Stay tuned – I’d love to see my colleagues at some of my performances!