Appointed Official, Student Activities

UCI Series Concepts

Class Specifications - A.30
Appointed Official, Student Activities (4329)

March, 1976


Appointed Officials, Student Activities, exercise administrative authority in
carrying out the duties of the positions for which they are selected.  They
are accountable to the appointing authority for the successful operation of
the function assigned. Assignments may be short term or intermittent in nature
or operational for the academic years.

Examples of responsibilities are as follows:

The Chairperson of the Programming Board develops organizational structure,
coordinates the work of the various program directors in programming, 
scheduling, planning, and publicity and keeps administrative office hours 
for a specified number of hours per week during the academic year.

The Director of Activities Fairs organizes, schedules, promotes, and makes all
arrangements for designated special events, serving as liaison with outside
groups or individuals and coordinating activities with campus services and 
other events directors.

The Pep Band Director selects band personnel, orders supplies, schedules 
practice sessions, and makes transportation and all other arrangements for 
musical performances.

The Director of Welcome Week plans and coordinates games, rallies, and other
activities, supervising events and making arrangements for space, tickets,
refreshments, and cleanup.

The Promotion Artist is responsible for design, drafting, layout, typesetting
and distribution of posters, brochures and other publicity materials.


Incumbents must be a registered student and possess knowledges and abilities
essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the