Elected Officer, Student Government

UCI Series Concepts

Class Specifications - A.30
Elected Officer, Student Government (4331)

January, 1973


Elected Officers, Student Government, exercise executive authority for and
on behalf of ASUCI members.  Incumbents act on their own initiative.  They
are elected by and are accountable to ASUCI members for the promotion,
maintenance, and well-being of the student community.

Examples of responsibilities are as follows:

    Incumbents function as ex-officio members of ASUCI Council.

    The President serves as chief executive officer of the ASUCI; prepares,
    administers, and expands ASUCI budget; represents ASUCI with campus,
    University-wide, Regental, and other officials; and directs all ASUCI
    business operations.

    The Executive Vice President serves as chair of the ASUCI Council
    and assumes duties of the President in his absence.

    The Vice President for Administration recommends, coordinates, and
    supervises the representation of students on campus committees and
    coordinates ASUCI representation for the department of Student Affairs.

    The Vice President for Student Services coordinates and supervises
    special student projects and supervises revenue-producing ASUCI
    business enterprises.


Incumbent must be a registered student and meet other eligibility criteria
as specified by the Constitution of the Associated Students, UCI.