As part of the Empowered to Make a Difference, staff are asked to contribute ideas for improving staff engagement through the Bright People, Brilliant Solutions initiative. All ideas submitted into Bright People, Brilliant Solutions are evaluated, and many are chosen for implementation. (We told you we were really going to do something with all your terrific ideas!)

All of the following ideas have been selected for implementation. You can follow the progress of these ideas on this page. Please check back often for updates.

QUESTIONS? Contact your local engagement team member.

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1 Training & Development Leadership Training multiple contributors Curriculum being developed by Talent Development Completed
2 Training & Development Staff Training multiple contributors Curriculum being developed by Talent Development In Process
3 Leadership Visibility State of the Union Address Gretheel Olvera, Laura Beesley-Jablonski Chancellor to deliver at annual Staff Service Awards Completed
4 Information Sharing Working at UCI – A One Stop Shop Dyan Hall New web page Selected
5 Recognition Programs Remind Leadership of Available Recognition Programs Sandybeth Munoz ZotMail sent by Ramona Agrela Completed
6 Leadership Visibility Town Halls Blanche Ellis, Eva Maida Multiple town halls already conducted at UCIMC; campus and HS town hall planning in process Completed
7 Leadership Visibility Skip-A-Level Meetings Ashley Teran Draft for meeting template in review by HR In Process
8 Leadership Visibility Vice Chancellor Updates Denise Hsieh Selected
9 Leadership Visibility Leadership Rounding Roberto Gomez Treat Cart introduced to facilitate rounding across the enterprise Completed
10 Leadership Visibility Lunch with Leadership Charlene Miranda-Wood, Felicia Bryant Dine with Leadership offered monthly at UCIMC; Meet the Chancellor’s Cabinet launched at campus Completed
11 Technology Virtual Suggestion Box Rita Frerk HR technology team exploring options In Process


1 Patient Experience Outpatient Clinic Appointments Reserved Specifically for ED Patients Brenda Severson One of three town hall presentations. Ambulatory to open two (2) time slots every day to be used only for ED patients, preferably with the ability for trained ED staff to be able to schedule the appointments themselves. Ideally the appointments will be one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If the appointment isn’t booked by a certain time, the slot can be filled by the clinic. Open slots should be available in psychiatry as well. As of June 30, 2019, we are hiring more providers throughout ambulatory to assist in more open appointment slots. We are also looking at additional space opportunities and cooperation with discharge clinic. In Process
2 Patient Experience Special Emphasis and Training on a Positive Patient Experience Briana Hale One of three town hall presentations. Training to be developed for front office, back office, nursing and other staff on how to better engage with patients and create a positive experience. Will include examples of engaging with patients, showing kindness, patience and understanding. Working with Patient Experience Department on development of refresher courses on patient experience training. Selected
3 Patient Experience Extend the Role of Staff Engagement Ambassadors Aska Wang, Meghna Patel, Parla Ergan & Minh Nguyen Engagement team is working to expand the role of UCI Health engagement ambassadors to promote greater involvement in patient experience. Also give the same Patient Experience course noted above. In addition to staff engagement initiatives, ambassadors should have the opportunity to learn best practices for interacting with patients and visitors. Ideally training will include wayfinding, appropriate communication, proper confidentiality, and more. Ambassadors would then share these practices with other staff. In Process
4 Patient Experience Improving Sleep of Our Patients Phuong Lan On;
Coral Sun;
Maylyn Martinez
UCI Health has implemented the Help Us Support Healing (HUSH) campaign on our tower units to provide a quieter, healing environment for our patients. Completed
5 Patient Experience Patient Experience Representation in the ER Lauren Canchola UCI Health Patient Experience team has been rounding with our Patient Experience Interns to provide patients in the ED with water and hot towels. We have also been rounding with the Employee Engagement Treat Cart to recognize all the great work that takes places in our ED. In FY20 we will begin to round in the ED in more consistent basis to ensure the needs of the patients and staff are met. In Process
6 Patient Experience Patient Opt-In or Opt-Out Nancy Munoz UCI Patient Relations, IT, Admissions, Public Safety, and Nursing leadership are collaborating to improve EPIC workflow to ensure patients and families further understand privacy restrictions within UCI Health In Process
7 Patient Experience Interpreter Services
Foreign Language Speaking Patients
Gloria Guzman; Jenny Truong UCI Health is working with Cyracom Systems to help improve service provided to our Foreign Language patient population and have recently had an updated application installed for improved end user experience. Evaluating the possibility of increasing in-person interpretative services. Completed
8 Patient Experience Patient Experience Survey Mini Thomas UCI Experience Department is working on re-evaluation of survey length and questions to improve patient response. Completed
9 Patient Experience Discharge Process Amish Dangodara UCI Health is looking into the possibilities to utilize an automated discharge phone call process through a Discharge Call System to help allow for better navigation for our patients post discharge, decrease readmission rates and improve patient overall experience. In Process
10 Patient Experience Improving International Patient Experience Gamal Ghoniem UCI Health and our the Advancement Office is working to improve the access to care for our international patient population and working with Language services to ensure they receive the highest quality care in their native language. In Process
11 Patient Experience Eye-Contact Linda Armendariz UCI Health and our Nursing teams and Clinical Leadership have helped to develop the Commit to Connect Campaign and UC I CARE Communication Tool which is a communication initiative focused on high quality effective communication to increase health literacy. Commit to connect demonstrates compassion, respect, empathy, and trust. This will has been developed and is being rolled out throughout all of UCI Health in FY20. In Process
12 Patient Experience A + Patient Food, A + Patient Experience Geeta Patel UCI Health has moved to a chef-based culinary model focused on quality of food and ingredients, caring for ourselves and our patients by providing healthier alternatives that are seen as complimentary to the healing process.
Effective as of March 30, 2019, Morrison Healthcare has assumed management of our culinary and nutrition department which includes all aspects of inpatient meals, catering, Tony & Daisy Fan Dining Room and the Manchester coffee bar. With Morrison as our new partner, UCI Health will continue to evolve and refine our approach to unleash the power of food, promote better health and outcomes, and create the best patient experience while adhering to our promise to deliver great food.
13 Patient Experience Patient Facing Mobile Platform App Rhonda Fields UCI Health has developed and recently update our My UCI Health App, which is available for all patients and staff. The UCI Health App provides patients with the ability to Find a Provider, Access MyChart, Location and Parking information, Patient Services information, Urgent Care information and Medical Services. It also has links to articles from our UCI Health Live Well Site. Completed
14 Patient Experience Patient Visit Document Lynn Vu UCI Health has helped to create the UCI Health Concierge guide to help provide as much information to our patients as need to unsure they have access to all the resources. The concierge guide provides details and information on Hospital Services, Administrative Services, Places of Worship, Financial Institutions, Fitness Centers, Laundry Services, Local Hotels, Salons, Notary Services, Pharmacies, Entertainment, Airports, Transportation and many other services. Please reach out to patient experience if you have any questions about the UCI Health Concierge Guide. Completed
15 Patient Experience Patient Closer John lee UCI Health is working to streamline and address our patient’s complaints and feedback. The Patient Experience team is available throughout the day to ensure that patient complaints are addressed in a timely manner and that the proper leadership is notified when issues need to be escalated. We are also working with SONFI to provide the ability to reach out to the patient experience team when they are in need of assistance in real-time during their hospital stay. In Process