IT Starts with a vision

Our HR vision is empowering people through integrated partnerships to drive a culture of excellence and innovation throughout the university enterprise.

This vision, combined with months of thoughtful planning, has resulted in a refined HR model that addresses the needs of UCI’s Human Resources today and well into the future while respecting the differences across our three unique business enterprises – Medical Center, Health Sciences, and Campus.

The new HR model also optimizes across common strategic goals, planning, practices, and unmet organizational needs to deliver highest-quality HR services and support at UCI, while minimizing risk. Our innovative model focuses on service, collaboration and high-impact teamwork.

This model was created in tight collaboration with respected and valued members of our campus, medical center and health sciences HR teams, and draws on the talents of every HR team member as vital contributors to our success in both the short term and the long term.


HR at UCI is considered a strategic partner – we have a critical role in the new UCI strategic plan, the visibility and leadership of HR have been elevated to the Chancellor level; which enables us to unify our collective and one time independent operations into an even more efficient, more responsive and more consistent, higher-quality HR team.


We believe this model will enable highest quality HR services and support at UCI while also optimizing across common strategic goals, planning, practices, and unmet organizational needs.

This new model will allow us to:

  • Implement strategic HR initiatives consistently across the UCI enterprise
  • Interpret and apply HR policies and practices consistently for all UCI employees
  • Deliver more efficient and effective support by eliminating redundant practices
  • Leverage best practices by concentrating key activities and expertise in a new community of excellence
  • Respond to change quickly and effectively


This new model aligns HR’s strategy to the initiatives established in UCI’s strategic plan. In particular, HR will identify, evaluate, select and drive specific projects that further the following strategic plan goals:

  • Align resources with strategic priorities to expand innovation and impact, ensure student success, and enhance community and global engagement (Pillar 4; Goal 4.1; bullet 1)
  • Invest in business and academic organizational frameworks to increase efficiency (Pillar 4; Goal 4.1; bullet 4)
  • Evaluate gaps in staff support and create a plan for increased hiring or reallocation of resources where needed, particularly for research, technology, and areas of strategic expansion (Pillar 4; Goal 4.3; bullet 1)
  • Develop and implement innovative efficiencies, including streamlining or eliminating outdated administrative processes (Pillar 4; Goal 4.3; bullet 2)

Read UCI’s Strategic Plan


Phase 1 launch date July 2016

Chancellor Gillman
Praises New HR Model

“The new HR model is perfectly aligned with our strategic plan, in particular, pillar 4 – new paths for our brilliant future. The model is a shining example of aligning resources with strategic priorities to expand innovation and impact while implementing efficiencies in a critical administrative process.”

Chancellor Howard Gillman
March 22, 2016


  • Allison Shirley
  • Dale Cole
  • Dawn McKinley
  • Dawn Skirvin
  • Dorothy Ong
  • Dyan Hall
  • Helen Ojeda
  • Jamie Viramontes
  • Julie Lance
  • Kevin Phillips
  • Kristie Heck
  • Lisa Scavone
  • Maria Teider
  • Michelle Quint
  • Nancy Chen Lane
  • Njeeri wa Ngugi
  • Pam Wilson
  • Paul Kronheim
  • Ryan Hammond
  • Sam Strafaci
  • Steve Johnson
  • Steven Wiseman
  • Susan Pihl


Our shift to the new structure will happen in multiple phases.

Phase I - Local Business Units

  • Implementation of three HR local business units: Medical Center HR, Health Sciences HR, and Campus HR. Each business unit will be led by an Executive Director reporting directly to the Chief HR Executive and Associate Chancellor.
  • Introduction/expansion of HR Business Partners, who will act as the point of contact for internal clients within their business unit. Business Partners: a) partner with their clients to embed HR strategy into the clients’ day-to-day activity and b) provide HR guidance and support to their clients.
  • Form teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide technical expertise to internal clients. Subject Matter Experts: a) have expertise in specific areas of HR and b) provide technical advice and support to clients, the team in the Partnership, and the business partners.

Phase II - The Partnership for Strategy
and Innovation

In Phase II, the Partnership for Strategy and Innovation will be established. Our Partnership for Strategy and Innovation (Partnership) will be a strategic center that works in close collaboration with the leaders of each of the three business units. It will be staffed with people who will be responsible for planning and implementing strategic initiatives for the benefit of all of UCI. All HR team members will have the opportunity to participate in the Partnership and contribute their expertise through workgroups.

Partnership members have particular expertise and experience, and will report directly to the Chief HR Executive and Associate Chancellor.

Roles within the Partnership include:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Talent Management
  • Total Rewards
  • HR Technology & Data
  • Policy & Compliance
  • Workforce Retention

Each Partnership employee will be responsible for planning and implementing strategic initiatives for their respective areas of expertise.They will also leverage the expertise of the SMEs across all three business units, and work closely with the business unit leaders, including administrative and academic leadership, department administrators and directors, as well as appropriate stakeholder groups.