Talent Development - Leadership Development Opportunities


UCI Strategy: Our Brilliant Future
To reach new heights of excellence and social impact, we must build on UCI’s strengths to make our university even better. We have to encourage bold, innovative thinking, allow for calculated failure and learn from our mistakes in order to continually improve our organization and meet the demands of tomorrow. To achieve this, we must become an agile, performance driven, engaged workforce.

Leader’s Role
Leaders have a profound impact on the culture of our workplace whether they intend to or not. While organizational culture can be shaped by formal programs and efforts, it is primarily impacted through the daily interactions between leaders, employees, and the team’s norms that are established over the years. Organizational culture is how things are done (or not done) around here.

UCI Leaders Drive a High Performance Culture
Leaders drive UCI culture through their focus on building a high performance culture. The pathway to a high performance culture is the result of two critical factors: alignment to UCI strategy and employee engagement.

Talent Development - Leadership Development Opportunities

UCI Investment in Leader Development
Investment in building leadership capabilities is critical to driving the culture that UCI seeks. UCI’s commitment to leadership development has resulted in the Leadership Success Programs for senior leaders and team leaders that provide the leadership framework that has been designed to challenge “how things are done around here.” The framework establishes expectations for all leaders across UCI: establish vision and direction, engage employees, and deliver results. These complementary development programs focus on building nine capabilities that leaders at all levels are expected to live into.

Talent Development - Leadership Expectations and Capailities Framework


UCI Leadership Success Program for Senior Leaders
A six-month interactive experience for leaders currently in Manager 2 or Manager 3 level job title code. Discover more about this program.

UCI Leadership Success Program for Team Leaders
A 10-week interactive experience for all leaders currently in a Professional 3, Professional 4, Professional 5, Supervisor 1, Supervisor 2, or Manager 1 level job title code with one or more direct reports. Discover more about this program.

Leadership Development for your Team
One of the benefits of the Leadership Success Program is networking and learning from other leaders in various roles across the organization. However, if you are interested in bringing the Leadership Success Program to your team of people managers, please contact Kohei Wada, Senior Director of HR Talent Management. There is a fee associated with special group bookings.

One-On-One Coaching for Managers by BetterManager
UCI has partnered with BetterManager to provide leaders at UCI access to International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coaches who provide individualized one-on-one managerial coaching. Discover more about this program.

UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development
This program is a unique, experiential, systemwide professional development program to support the success and advancement of mid-career, woman-identified professionals and is open to all employees including faculty, academic personnel and staff, people managers and non-people managers who support and are committed to this mission. The program brings together participants from every UC location. Discover more about this program.


Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP)
This program has been suspended.

UC People Management Series
This online program is open to anyone wishing to develop leadership skills.
Learn more about this program.

UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative | UCOP
Learn more about this program.

What UCI Leaders Are Saying

“Participating in the Leadership Success Program gave me real skills and actionable items that I could us with my team immediately. Well worth the time commitment.”

“I gained more knowledge from the instructors as well as cohort members.”

“What a great 10 weeks! I learned quite a bit and have been putting what I learned into practice as I go. The program facilitators were amazing. Thanks again for a great experience.”