• 41% Less absenteeism 41% less absenteeism
  • 70% fewer safety incidents 70% fewer safety incidents
  • 58% fewer patient 58% fewer patient safety incidents
  • 17% higher productivity 17% higher productivity
  • 10% higher customer metrics 10% higher customer metrics
  • Lower Levels Lower Levels of stress
  • Lower Levels Lower Levels of anxiety and depression
  • Lower Levels Lower Levels of bad cholesterol

Dedication vs ownership

Engaged employees generally fall into one of two categories – dedication and ownership. Based on the survey results, UCI employees are already fairly dedicated.


Loyal to colleagues
Loyal to UCI
Put forth discretionary effort
Focus on excellence and improvement


Communicate and collaborate
Work through challenges
Speak out about problems
Offer suggestions and comments

UCI’s goal is to enable employees to not only embrace dedication, but move beyond dedication to an ownership mentality.

Engagement Goals

The goal moving forward is to:

  • Move actively disengaged employees into the not engaged or engaged categories
  • Move not engaged employees into the engaged category
  • Keep engaged employees engaged
  • Inspire and enable all employees to feel a sense of dedication and, ultimately, ownership

How to Become More Engaged

If you don’t consider yourself actively engaged right now, our mutual goal is to identify, address, grow and sustain your personal level of engagement. Speak with your leader in your quarterly one on one conversations to discuss why you aren’t as engaged as you would like to be, and then brainstorm ways to help you become more engaged. If you know someone who is actively disengaged, reach out to your leader and/or your HR business partner to discuss ways that we might help this peer become an engaged employee. Let’s break down the barriers that are preventing or hindering employee engagement, and create an environment where everyone is engaged. Engagement matters, and you have the power to make it happen.

Our results

The following is a brief summary of UCI’s results from the August and September 2017 staff engagement survey.

What is grandmean?

What is GrandMean?

Our GrandMean score indicates UCI’s overall engagement. The GrandMean score is an average of the averages for the scores you receive for the individual Q12 items. The Grand-Mean uses the same five-point scale as the individual Q12 items.

Current values Goal values