UCI Human Resources Policies and Procedures


The following UCI Human Resources procedures supplement the systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), and are to be used in tandem with the UC-PPSM for all non-represented staff employee personnel issues.

Exclusively represented employees are subject to the terms and conditions of their respective collective bargaining agreements.

Links to both the universitywide policies and local UCI procedures are provided below.

Employment UCI Human Resources Procedure UC Policy
Recruitment and Promotion UCI HR Procedure 20 PPSM-20: Recruitment and Promotion
Selection and Appointment UCI HR Procedure 21
UCI HR Procedure 21.a: Background Check
PPSM-21: Selection and Appointment
Probationary Period UCI HR Procedure 22 PPSM-22: Probationary Period
Performance Management UCI HR Procedure 23 PPSM-23: Performance Management
Near Relative Hire Request Near Relative Request Form
Compensation UCI Human Resources Procedure UC Policy
Compensation UCI HR Procedure 30 PPSM-30: Compensation
Compensation Compensation Action Form
Compensation Hiring Bonus Request Guidelines (for Non-SMG positions)
Incentive Awards Refer to PPSM PPSM-34: Incentive Awards
Classification of Positions UCI HR Procedure 36 PPSM-36: Classification of Positions
Absence from Work UCI Human Resources Procedure UC Policy
Absence from Work Refer to PPSM PPSM-2.210: Absence from Work
Employee Development UCI Human Resources Procedure UC Policy
Professional Development Leave Refer to PPSM PPSM-50: Professional Development Leave
Reduced Fee Enrollment Refer to PPSM PPSM-51: Reduced Fee Enrollment
Separation Actions UCI Human Resources Procedure UC Policy
Layoff and Reduction in Time UCI HR Procedure 60
Notice of Indefinite Layoff Template
Notice of Layoff - Reduction in Time Template
PPSM-60: Layoff and Reduction in Time from PSS Career Positions
Release During Probationary Period Refer to PPSM PPSM-61: Release During Probationary Period
Corrective Action UCI HR Procedure 62 PPSM-62: Corrective Action
Investigatory Leave UCI HR Procedure 63 PPSM-63: Investigatory Leave
Termination of Career Employees UCI HR Procedure 64 PPSM-64: Termination of Career Employees
of Career Employees – MSP I-VII
Refer to PPSM PPSM-65: Termination of Career Employees - MSP I-VII
Medical Separation UCI HR Procedure 66 PPSM-66: Medical Separation
of Career Employees – MSP VIII-IX
Refer to PPSM PPSM-67: Termination of Career Employees - MSP VIII-IX
Complaint Resolution UCI Human Resources Procedure UC Policy
Complaint Resolution UCI HR Procedure 70 PPSM-70: Complaint Resolution
Other UCI Human Resources Procedure UC Policy
Uniforms and Safety Apparel Refer to PPSM PPSM-35 Uniforms and Safety Apparel
Staff Personnel Records Refer to PPSM PPSM-80: Staff Personnel Records
Reasonable Accommodation UCI HR Procedure 81 PPSM-81: Reasonable Accommodation
Conflict of Interest Refer to PPSM PPSM-82: Conflict of Interest
Death Payments Refer to PPSM PPSM-83: Death Payments
Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Refer to PPSM PPSM-84: Accommodation for Nursing Mothers
Other Resources
Abusive Conduct in the Workplace
Anti-Discrimination Policy
Catastrophic Leave
Collective Bargaining Agreements
COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy Information
Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action in the Workplace
Electronic Communications Policy
ERIT Program
Mandatory Employment Notices/Posters
Maximum Vacation Accruals
Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)
Policy on Sexual Harassment
Policy on Substance Abuse
Reemployment of UC Retired Employees (Regents’ Policy 7706)
Remote Work Agreement
Remote Work Guidelines
Remote Work – Out-of-State Employment Posters
Retention Bonus Employee Agreement (Fillable Form)
Retention Bonus Procedures
Senior Management Group (SMG) Personnel Policies
Severance Election Form
Smoking and Tobacco-Free Policy
UCI Delegations of Authority
Whistleblower Protection Policy