UCI Human Resources Meditation


HR’s third Innovation Day is on January 24, 2023. HR Innovation Day is a full workday devoted to creating new ideas and systems that will help push beyond what we have traditionally done in HR and move us to the next level. With all the changes in the current workforce landscape, there is no better time for us to be innovative.

HR Innovation Day allows you to tap into your creativity. You all bring different insights and experiences to the table, and we are excited to see your creativity come to life.


All colleagues are expected to participate. If you have a prior obligation that requires your participation on Tuesday, January 24, please let your supervisor know as soon as possible. Supervisors will work with leaders to determine how to best cover necessary business needs.


Teams will be assigned and will work together to come up with ideas/creative solutions to their challenge topic. Challenge topics reflect emerging issues in the post-pandemic environment, and each challenge aligns with HR strategic priorities and associated projects. This means that your ideas may have a direct impact on the way the projects are executed.

Teams will enter their ideas into Bright People, Brilliant Solutions (BPBS) and team members will vote on the ideas they like the best Ideas receiving the most likes, comments and shares will move to the evaluation round, where the leadership team will review the most popular ideas and select finalists.

Three to five teams will be selected as finalists and will present their ideas live in a Shark Tank®-like format at the All HR Staff Meeting on Thursday, February 9.