Every Anteater is the key to UCI’s success, and Total Rewards are vital to the attraction, retention, motivation and engagement of our Anteaters. The compensation you receive from UCI is more than the value printed on your paycheck. Your Total Rewards package includes health plans, training programs, retirement savings, paid time-off, as well as an array of other benefits and perks that increase your financial security, help you develop professionally, and promote a healthy, fulfilling life. This page provides a quick overview of the package and services available to you as a valued member of UCI’s workforce.

UCI Total Rewards Overview Flyer


Compensation includes wages earned by an employee for work performed for an organization. UCI’s compensation objectives include ensuring the organization is classifying work accurately and paying in accordance with the external market, rewarding and encouraging peak performance, achieving equity based on assigned responsibilities, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and best practices. UCI’s compensation programs include the Career Tracks Classification Program, ACHIEVE Performance Program, merit programs, UCI Non-Academic Student Employee Guidelines, Non-UCI Student Employee Guidelines, salary structures (including step structures), inventive plans, fair pay and equity programs, and more.



Outstanding benefits are among the many rewards of working for the University of California (UC). By offering comprehensive and competitive benefits, UC strives to take good care of its employees and their families so that our employees can do their best work. In addition to generous vacation, sick, and holiday programs, we offer a full range of health and retirement savings plans, as well as a myriad of other useful and valuable benefits. The benefits package available to an employee depends on appointment type, duration, and the number of hours worked.



Talent development helps create a high-performing and sustainable environment that ensures strategic and operational goals are consistently and successfully achieved. The Talent Development team creates, promotes and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by designing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programs. The programs are designed for staff to acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones, enhance performance, increase effectiveness and engagement, become inspiring leaders, and support UCI’s commitment to students, faculty, patients, and the broader community.


UCI is dedicated to building and sustaining a culture and environment at UCI that supports the well-being of our faculty and staff. UCI HR Wellness strives to advance a culture of whole-person wellness, which includes physical, mental and financial well-being. We are committed to delivering effective wellness programs and services that can make a difference in improving people’s lives. The UCI HR Wellness program focuses on developing, promoting and increasing awareness and usage of enterprise-wide and local programs and initiatives so that we can drive employee engagement and retention.



UCI’s recognition programs are designed to engage and motivate employees. In addition to our employee appreciation events and continued efforts to provide informal recognition and feedback, the following programs allow us to recognize our Anteaters for a specific behavior, action or accomplishment:

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EngagementSTAR ProgramARIISE AwardsStaff Service Awards


Individual employee performance contributions drive the business results that accomplish the goals of an organization. The performance program is the mechanism by which managers help translate the organizations business goals, objectives, and performance standards to individual employee goals and expectations.

Performance management at UCI is an ongoing process of communication between a manager and an employee that occurs throughout the year and ensures that individual and organization objectives are met effectively and efficiently. These efforts are then rewarded through merit increases for non-represented staff or step increases for represented staff.

Non-Represented Staff Performance Management Plan: Go to ACHIEVE and/or Merit for more information.

Represented Staff Performance Management Plan: See the applicable bargaining agreement.