Chancellor Howard Gillman


Dear colleagues:

This year marks UCI’s 45th annual Staff Service Awards celebration. While we cannot be together to honor staff who have reached significant service milestones, these achievements are no less impressive and deserving of our time and attention.

Our 2021 awards honor 2,271 staff members representing a combined total of 20,591 hours of service to UCI and the UC system. Every honoree represent a unique story that forms part of our rich history, and I sincerely hope that each person is proud of their individual contribution to UCI’s success.

This year, we celebrate eight 40-year honorees, fourteen 35-year honorees, sixty 30-year honorees and fifty-five colleagues who join our quarter century club, celebrating 25 years of service in 2021. Congratulations to all of you for reaching these meaningful milestones, and thank you for your service to UCI.

Please take a few minutes to review the complete list of honorees at

As we celebrate your accomplishments, I take a moment to reflect on the year gone by. Your resilience, your tenacity, your sense of service, and your commitment inspires and humbles me.

I continue to commit to creating a culture where every staff member is valued for not only their professional contributions, but their human, personal contributions. As a university, we will work toward the day when every staff member genuinely embraces what I know to be true – that UCI is a place where every individual has the opportunity to shine, whether it’s on campus, caring for patients, or working remotely. It is our diversity that will inspire innovative ideas and lead us boldly toward our brilliant future.

Fiat lux,

Chancellor Howard Gillman