Filbert Fontejon sings National Anthem


Performed by Alex Mendoza '18
Administrative & Data Analyst
Program of Global Languages & Communication

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UCI Engagement: What do you do at UCI?

AM: I graduated from UCI in 2018 and then at the beginning of 2022 joined the Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct as a Project Policy Analyst for almost 8 months but more recently have transitioned over to the School of Humanities, Global Languages & Communication Department as an Administrative & Data Analyst working with students, staff, and faculty to support incoming students taking the courses our department offers.

UCI Engagement: When did you realize you had a talent for singing?

AM:I entered in my high school talent show my Senior year of high school and placed second which was probably the first time I realized I had some sort of talent for singing.

Filbert Fontejon

UCI Engagement: Do you sing in any groups?

AM: I don’t sing in any groups, but I do enjoy going to karaoke with friends on Sunday night as a nice way to wrap up the weekend.

UCI Engagement: What performers inspire you?

AM: I grew up heavily influenced by Pop/R&B music but enjoy almost every genre of music. Ariana Grande is probably my favorite artist, but I am inspired by lots more like Jazmine Sullivan, Bruno Mars and H.E.R.

UCI Engagement: Would you like to mention your friends and family?

AM: I would like to thank my partner, family, and friends for being patient with all the singing that I do because I know it can be incessant sometimes. I am very lucky to have people around me that are always supportive of my choices in life.

UCI Engagement: What do you like to do for fun?

AM: Aside from singing, I enjoy spending time with my friends, whether that’s playing minigolf, going on the occasional hike, having a fun-filled beach day, or just hanging out and chatting. I also enjoy working out, playing video games, and taking my dog to the dog park with my partner.