MERIT 2019

UCI will once again distribute increases to non-represented employees based on performance. The amount of the merit award will vary according to your performance contributions and cannot exceed the allocated budget.



Only employees who meet the following requirements will be eligible for a FY2018/19 merit increase:

  • Hold a non-represented career or partial year career appointment as of July 1, 2019
  • Completed their probationary period by July 1, 2019
  • Be on active status (or on approved leave) on July 1, 2019
  • Have a merit level of On Target Performer or above
  • Serve as a contract employee whose contract allows for a
    merit increase
  • Be on active status (or on approved leave) on the applicable
    payout date

Linking Merit and ACHIEVE

Linking or connecting an employee’s merit level with the information collected throughout the year in ACHIEVE is relatively easy. Assuming a merit fund is available, managers will use the information discussed and documented during the quarterly ACHIEVE check-ins, and compare it to the Merit Criteria Guide for Individuals or the Merit Criteria Guide for People Managers, to determine merit levels.

The merit criteria guidelines are divided into four categories – Goal Accomplishment, Enterprise Contributor, Innovation and Job Mastery. To learn more about the details of each of these categories and the behaviors that define them, as well as how to explain the relationship between merit and the ACHIEVE staff performance program, click here.

How Are Merit Levels and Merit Awards Determined?

After the manager has recommended the employee’s merit level (see above), he/she will share that information with their School/Division/Department leaders. The School/Division/Department leaders (or their designees) will meet with their respective management teams to:

1) Calibrate employee merit levels and merit awards based on the merit guidelines shown above.

2) The amount of merit award will vary depending on the employee’s performance contributions and the available budget. Our merit program is supported by a limited budget provided by the campus/medical center and individual schools and departments.

3) Every organization will be operating with the same percent merit budget allocation. The total of all employee increases within a department cannot exceed that organization’s allocated budget.

4) Once determined, the merit award is submitted to Human Resources for additional review and entered into the payroll system.